Maasai Mara (BAS) campsite is close to the Mara River. Giraffes and elephants usually like to visit the camp and has a stunning view of hippos and crocodile down the Mara River. If you are a lover of bird-life, the campsite is known for migratory birds.
Camping Costs for Residents & Non-Residents
Category   Citizens   Resident   Non-Resident
Adult         KSH 1000   KSH 2000  USD 30
Children   KSH 500   KSH 1000    USD 20
Student   KSH 500   KSH 500      USD 30

NOTE: The cost is per person per day
Rules for Camping
1. Extinguish fires after use and never leave the fire unattended
2. Do not feed the animals or lay bait.
3. Secure your food and equipment from animals.
4. No night game drives.
5. Do not stray more than 25 meters from your camp.
6. No loud music.
7. Take all rubbish with you – do not burn.
8. Stay 100metres away from the river.